Our Privacy Policy

We at Fresh From Kenya uphold the highest standards with regard to the privacy of our customers. We take great strides to protect any personal information that may be collected on our website. Your information, including your email, phone number, and company name, will not be distributed, leased, or sold to any outside parties without your consent, except when required by law.

Aggregated information may be collected for market research purposes. However, any information that is collected on our site will be used to better serve our customers and anticipate their future needs. We may distribute promotional materials to the email address you provide. If you wish to not receive promotional materials or future communication from us via email, you are free to opt out at any time and may do so by submitting a request via the “Contact Us” page on our site.

Cookies are textual information that is downloaded onto a computer when it visits a site. These small bits of information allow the site to remember a user for a period of time until the cookie expires. Additionally, cookies can be downloaded by third party advertisers on a site to collect marketing information on the user. To better protect your privacy and provide you with the highest quality services on our site, we do NOT allow third party advertising. This provides added protection to you and your information and prevents invasive tracking methods that may be employed by third party advertisers. We do not use cookies to collect your personal and private information without your consent. Any cookies used on our site will allow you to have a better consumer experience by providing you with quick access to the information you seek. Cookies may also be used to allow your information to be stored for a short amount of time until you are ready to complete an order or submit a communication.

Contact Us
We strive to provide fresh, natural products through a secure and trusted source. We adhere strictly to our privacy policy at all times. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions, concerns, or complaints you may have related to our privacy policy by clicking on the “Contact Us” icon. Please complete the form as indicated and submit a detailed comment, so that we may address any issues that may arise to the best of our ability. We make all reasonable efforts to protect your personal information and work to proactively address any privacy concerns.

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